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What's MacMiNT?

MacMiNT is a Mac OS version of multitasking OS named MiNT, which was originally written for Atari ST. You can run a lot of UNIX programs like tcsh, gcc, emacs, diff, patch, rcs, etc. You can also compile and run many free software for UNIX. Though the original MiNT has TCP/IP and X Window System, MacMiNT doesn't support them.

Supported Hardware and OS

I have tested on:

I've heard that it worked on:

I believe it will not work on Mac OS X (Server), where you have no need...

Where is it?

Here it is!

Caution: Download in the source format, instead of the text format.


New on 1999.09.10: Here is the newer version of jet.

Changes are:

How to Install?

It's simple. Just expand the archive into wherever you like.

Caution: Some versions of StuffIt Expander incorrectly converts end-of-line code of text files from LF to CR. In that case, MacMiNT aborts with "exit code: -39". If it happens, delete the expanded files, change StuffIt Expander's cross platform preference to "Never", and expand again.


Double click "jet" to start MacMiNT. Console window appears, and the login shell (tcsh, by default) runs in it, without login prompt.

To quit MacMiNT, exit from the login shell by pressing control + D or typing "exit".

Although "File" menu has "Quit" command, it should be considered as emergency purpose.

Don't move, change name, or touch the contents of mint folder while MacMiNT is running, or a bad thing may occur...

Other Tools

prc-tools 0.5.0 (aka gcc for Palm OS)

A cross compiler for Palm OS.

To install, place it on the desktop and type:

cd /
tar zxf /desktop/prc-tools-19990810.tar.gz

Then, configure PATH in cshrc.csh (or .bashrc or profile.sh).


New on 1999.09.10: Here is a fixed version of libgcc.a:

And, here is m68kdis:


New on 2000.01.05: Here is par:


New on 2000.11.29: Here is the latest version (v2.6) of PilRC:

Future Plan

Don't ask me, please...

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